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  • NJ Council of County Colleges Honors SCCC Students
    Posted on: 2013-05-22
    NEWTON N.J. May 20, 2013 -The New Jersey Council of County Colleges honored New Jersey's 35 best and brightest community college students and their families at its 19th annual Phi Theta Kappa Day celebration on Thursday, May 2, at the Trenton Marriott Hotel. Honorees included Derya Demirtas and Chelsea Sullivan.
    Each year, the Council hosts this program to recognize the members of the New Jersey All-State Academic Team, sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for community colleges, the Coca-Cola Foundation, and the New Jersey Education Association. Students are recognized for their outstanding academic achievement and exceptional service to their communities as members of Phi Theta Kappa at their local community colleges. Sussex County Community College student Derya Demirtas of Branchville received a $1,500 scholarship for being named Coca-Cola Foundation All-USA Gold Medalist Scholar. She was one of three students selected to give an address at the celebration.
    Chelsea Sullivan, who in addition to her membership in PTK is president of the Sussex County Community College Student Government Association, was also honored at the celebration. Both Derya and Chelsea were named to The 2013 All-New Jersey Academic Team. Derya maintained a 4.0 grade point average as a Liberal Arts major and is a 2011 graduate of Pope John XXIII Regional High School. Chelsea maintained a 3.65 grade point average as a Liberal Arts/Political Science Option major and is a 2010 graduate of Wallkill Valley Regional High School.
    Harold Damato, SCCC’s Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs noted, “We are extremely proud of both Derya and Chelsea and their academic achievements. Beyond their impressive academic credentials, their service to our college and the community reflects the highest ideals of Sussex County Community College. We are confident in their success as they move on to four-year institutions and successful careers.”
  • New Vet In Town
    Posted on: 2011-06-10
    Dr. Sherri Talbot-Valerio is proud to announce the opening of her veterinary practice, Branchville Country Veterinary Clinic. Located at 12 Maple Ave., right next to the town park, the Clinic offers full veterinary services including medical diagnostics, digital x-rays, surgery, in-house blood testing, behavioral consultations and wildlife rehabilitation.

    Dr. Talbot-Valerio was born and raised in Sussex County. She has practiced veterinary medicine for the past 15 years, most recently in Montague, N.J. Her husband, Paul, a contractor and also life-long resident, coordinated the renovation of the previous VanDeHuevel and Fountain Insurance building.

    'We'd like to welcome all our new clients, and welcome back those who have followed me to our new facility,' she said. 'We are committed to providing the community with personalized, compassionate, high quality veterinary care offering good options to allow for each owner’s time, emotional restraints, and finances. We believe our first responsibility is to our patients, the animals, keeping their best interests and quality of life as top priority.'

    Branchville Country Vet has already hosted a Heartworm Testing Clinic and will be having a Microchip Clinic.

    'We plan to have more clinics and pet adoption days, too,' Dr. Talbot-Valerio said. 'Visit our website often for updates. Go to our Resources page to see what pets we have needing homes and for lots of links for all kinds of animal information.'

    If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by and see our facility--bring your pet in for a weight check and treat!

  • Window Genie now offers Holiday Lighting Service
    Posted on: 2015-10-21
    Window Genie of NW New Jersey is happy to announce the newest addition to their service list; holiday lighting and decor! In addition to window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing and gutter cleaning, customers can now enjoy full service design, installation, maintenance, take-down and storage of lights, wreaths, garlands and more. For more information or for a free estimate, call owner Steve Sarafin at 973-726-6555
  • Grand Opening- Red Lion Paint and Decorating Center
    Posted on: 2010-04-26
    Joe Hussey of Montague and Vicky Bell of Sparta have opened the Red Lion Paint store on 206 north in Branchville. They are formerly of Ailish's Alpine Paint Center in Sparta, and have a combined 30 years experience in the paint industry. They welcome contractors as well as local homeowners and can offer color and project advise. 'We frequently run special sales on our facebook page' says Joe, adding 'It's a great way to stay in touch with the community'. The store carries interior and exterior paints, stains and finishes including Valspar, Cabot, Minwax, and Wolman. Also offers Art supplies and Wallpaper. Open 7 days, call store for hours.
  • Book Signing
    Posted on: 2013-12-28
    Authors of Mama, Mama! What Will I Be? will have a book signing February 1st at Broad Street Books. The time is 1:00 p.m
  • John R. Remner Graduates from the Christ Hospital School of Nursing
    Posted on: 2010-10-21
    (Jersey City, N.J.) – On Wednesday, June 2nd, fifty-one students from the Christ Hospital School of Nursing, Class of 2010, received their Diplomas in Nursing and an Associate in Science Degree during the Commencement Ceremony held at the Roy Irving Theatre of Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City.
    Carol A. Fasano, MA, RN, ANP, C, CNE, Dean, Christ Hospital School of Nursing (CHSON), presided over the ceremony. Peter A. Kelly, M.P.S., President & CEO, Christ Hospital; Joyce Adams, B.S., Member, Christ Hospital Board of Trustees, Chair, CHSON Advisory Committee; and Abegail Douglas-Johnson, Ed.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs, Hudson Community College addressed the graduates.
    The Invocation was delivered by The Reverend James V. Pagnotta, B.A., S.T.B., Pastor, St. Joseph’s R.C. Church. Catherine A. Sirangelo-Elbadawy, MA RN, Associate Dean of Health, Science and Technology, Hudson Community College, delivered the Commencement Address. Peter Kelly, Carol Fasano and Lori Byrd, Ph.D., RN bestowed pins and diplomas to the graduates. CHSON graduates, Jennifer Lynn Thompson, Day Division, and Keith A. Turpin, Evening Division, delivered reflections on the Class of 2010. A Tribute to the Class of 2010 was delivered by Tom Ross, Student Council President, Class of 2010 and Iae Casotti Ferreira, Student Council Vice President, Class of 2010.

    The Reverend Kevin Morris, MDiv., Director of Pastoral Care, Christ Hospital, gave the benediction.
    Prizes were awarded to the graduates for the following:

    Bishop of Newark Award by The Reverend Father Kevin Morris

    Gloria Larsen Lobban Award by Lynn Lobban and Karen Lobban Schneider (daughters of the late Gloria Lobban)

    Nursing Achievement by Mazher Elamir, MD, President, Christ Hospital Medical Staff

    Nursing Arts and Skills Award by William Atkinson, MA, RN, Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, Christ Hospital

    NLN Leadership Award by Geroge Popko, Executive Vice President and CFO, Christ Hospital

    Student Council Award by Lori Byrd

    The Christ Hospital School of Nursing, sponsored by Christ Hospital, is a 24-month educational program in the study of nursing. It is a designated Center of Excellence in Nursing Education 2009 – 2012 by The National League for Nursing. For more information about the school program, contact Lori Byrd, at (201) 795-8225.
  • Recycling Update
    Posted on: 2007-08-10
    During the course of our daily routine we sometimes forget recycling guidelines that our refuse collector asks that we follow. Below are some gentle reminders to make the task a little easier for all of us:

    The following recyclables may be co-mingled. They must be in permanent containers. DO NOT use garbage bags. Recyclables are to be placed curbside on the second Friday of each month. Pick up begins at 7am.

    * TIN AND BI-METAL food and beverage cans, must be rinsed and paper labels removed.

    * ALUMINUM beverage cans should also be rinsed.

    * GLASS CONTAINERS (clear, green, amber) rinsed, and caps and neck, rings removed.

    * PET plastic beverage containers (soda bottles) rinsed, and cap and neck rings removed.

    * HDTE plastic beverage containers (milk, juice, water) and detergent bottles, rinsed and caps removed.

    * ALUMINUM PIE PLATES should be rinsed.

    The following materials should also be put out on recycling day:

    * BROWN PAPER BAGS, cross tied in bundles.

    * HIGH GRADE OFFICE PAPER, cross tied in bundles.

    The following recyclables are collected every Friday with regular trash collection and should be cross tied and may be co-mingled:

    * CORRUGATED CARDBOARD, flattened.


    The Sussex County Recycling Program also mandates the recycling of:

    * OLD CLOTHING, which may be dropped off at the SCMUA Recycling Center in Lafayette or at any Amvet depot.

    * DRY CELL BATTERIES, USED MOTOR OIL, ANTIFREEZE, ETC, which may be dropped off at the SCMUA Recycling Center.

    * LEAVES in bags will be picked up curbside on the second and fourth Saturdays in April, May, October and November.
  • Keep Pollution Out Of Storm Drains
    Posted on: 2007-08-10
    * Municipalities and many other public agencies are required to mark certain storm drain inlets with messages reminding people that storm drains are connected to local waterbodies.

    * Do not let sewage or other wastes flow into a stormwater system.
  • Easy Things You Can Do Every Day To Protect Our Water
    Posted on: 2007-08-10
    As a resident, business, or other member of the New Jersey community, it is important to know these easy things you can do every day to protect our water.

    * Limit your use of fertilizers and pesticides.

    * Do a soil test to see if you need a fertilizer.

    * Do not apply fertilizers if heavy rain is predicted.

    * Look into alternatives for pesticides.

    * Maintain a small lawn and keep the rest of your property or yard in a natural state with trees and other native vegetation that requires little or no fertilizer.

    * If you use fertilizers and pesticides, follow the instructions on the label on how to correctly apply it. Make sure you properly store or discard any unused portions.
  • Dispose Of Yard Waste Properly
    Posted on: 2007-08-10
    * Keep leaves and grass out of storm drains.

    * If your municipality or agency has yard waste collection rules, follow them.

    * Use leaves and grass clippings as a resource for compost.

    * Use a mulching mower that recycles grass clippings into the lawn.
  • Clean Up After Your Pet
    Posted on: 2007-08-10
    * Many municipalities and public agencies must enact and enforce local pet-waste rules.

    * An example is requiring pet owners or their keepers to pick up and properly dispose of pet waste dropped on public or other people's property.

    * Make sure you know your town's or agency's requirements and comply with them. It's the law, and remember to:

    * Use newpaper, bags or pooper-scoopers to pick up wastes.

    * Dispose of the wrapped per waste in the trash or unwrapped in a toilet.

    * Never discard pet waste in a storm drain.
  • Properly Use and Dispose of Hazardous Products
    Posted on: 2007-08-10
    * Hazardous products include some household or commercial cleaning products, lawn and garden care products, motor oil, anti-freeze, and paints.

    * Do not pour any hazardous products down a storm drain because storm drains are usually connected to local waterbodies and the water is not treated.
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